PV Mounting Structure

Micro Rail PV Mounting System:

We are providing high quality complete solution for PV modules mounting on tilted shed roof. It consist of:

  • Aluminium anodized micro rail.
  • Aluminium anodized mid & end clamps.
  • GI spring nuts
  • SS-304 Allen bolts
  • EPDM rubber self adhesive tape.
  • Self tapping screws (Optional).

HDG MMS Table:

We supply our customers standard MMS Tables (Module Mounting System) for 3 & 4 modules. It manufactured with high quality steel and then hot dip galvanization process carried out to prevent the structure from any corrosion and weather effect. Our structures gives very long life for years.

Custom PV Structure HDG or Aluminium:

We also manufacture PV mounting structure as per customer's requirement and site conditions. Used material can be Hot dip galvanized steel or Anodized aluminium.

PV Mounting accessories:

  • Aluminium anodized Mid Clamps.
  • Aluminium anodized End Clamps.
  • HDG Strut Channels.
  • Aluminium anodized Struct channels.
  • Aluminium Anodized Micro rail.
  • Stainless steel Nut, bolts & washers (Fasteners).
  • GI Spring Nuts.
  • Self Tapping Screws.
  • Aluminium & SS rivets
  • EPDM rubber self adhesive tape.