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MV Heat Shrink Cable Jointing Kits:

3M Heat Shrink MV Splice Kit offers reliability and flexibility to meet the demands of cable network operators. The joints are available for 11, 22 & 33 kV. The kit provides a lightweight, compact, and environmentally sealed system for splicing extruded dielectric shielded power cables. The kit consists of heat shrinkable tubing, moulded parts, mastics and other accessories for making a complete joint.


Scotchcast™ Resin Cable Joint Kits:

The new 3M™ Scotchcast™ Resin Cable Joint Kit range is designed to make the installation process faster, safer and more reliable than ever before. Now available is a range of hydrocarbon resistant products specially developed for the oil & gas industries, as well as dedicated products to suit armoured cable types commonly found in mining and industrial environments. Additionally, all ranges feature new sizes and configurations, now catering to both inline and branch jointing applications.

3M Cable Jointing Kit

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