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  • UVC smart light kills Germs in minutes.
  • No contact, no chemicals only light rays.
  • It can disinfect in your absence.
  • Smart remote operation using mobile phones.
  • Any surface or object in reach of light.
  • Kills 99% germs and bacteria.
  • Disinfect air of your space.
  • Cost effective solution for regular use.
  • Schedule, TIMER & loop timer from anywhere by mobile app.
  • Keep your place safe and ready to use everytime.
  • *Transportation Extra.

Smart UVC Disinfection Light

₹3,500.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹2,850.00बिक्री मूल्य
    • Light Type: Fluorescent UVC tube-Philips/Osram
    • Power :11W/15W/30W
    • Supply : 220W Ac, 50HZ
    • UVC Rays of 253.7 NM
    • Operating Temp : -10 C to 75 C
    • Power consumption : 16W/20W/35W
    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi with Android /IOS app

    See Demo Video

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